Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Email Receipts

I wish I could say I was someone who kept and organized every last receipt. This morning's Globe and Mail article "Are you still stuffing those receipts in your wallet?" makes such a practice sound somewhat compulsive, but I think it's pretty admirable to keep a record of all of your purchases. I regret to say that I am not one of those compulsive hoarders, but email receipts become more widespread I may well become one.
This article by Dakshana Bascaramurty, for which I was unable to find a link, writes that companies are allowing customers to receive an email record of their purchases, which seems to me to be a brilliant idea not only because it saves a ton of paper but it means that purchase tracking no longer needs to be a hassle. With email receipts, it would be easy to sit down at the end of a day or a week and quickly calculate all of your costs for that week. Plus, as the article notes, companies would love to have customers' emails and customers might appreciate notices about sales (or they might appreciate the opportunity to press their delete button).
All in all, I thought this seemed like a pretty cool idea.

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