Saturday, February 11, 2012

I can't believe this is even a question.

Sports Center asks "Better Underdog" with a picture of Jeremy Lin next to a picture of Tim Tebow. How on earth is this a question?
Let's compare
High School Hype
1. In high school, Tim Tebow was considered to be one of the top quarterbacks in the country. That's why he got a scholarship. While Jeremy Lin led Palo Alto to the California state championship, he couldn't get a Division 1 scholarship offer. That's why he went to Harvard. Lucky for us.
College Honors
2. Tebow won a Heisman Trophy and two national championships. Jeremy Lin was first-team All Ivy twice, was named a Lou Henson All American, and was one of 11 finalists for the Bob Cousy Award. All of these, of course, are great honors, but perhaps not a Heisman trophy.
3. Pretty straightforward. Tebow was the Denver Broncos' number one draft pick and was 25th overall. Lin was undrafted.
Holding a Job
4. Sure, it wasn't always clear that Tebow would have the starting job. But he was a member of the organization. Lin's journey? He was signed to Dallas's summer team, then signed with Golden State. Then he was released by Golden State. Then he signed with the Rockets. Then the Rockets released him. Then he signed with the Knicks. Then the Knicks sent him to the D-League. And then...
5. Sure Tebow had some exciting wins, and the defeat of the Steelers was impressive. But he was helpless against a New England Patriots defense that really wasn't very good. Lin just took down Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.
Who's the Better Underdog? Pretty much a lay-up.

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