Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Va-Lin-Tine's Day Soundtrack

Valentine's Day, or Va-Lin-Tine's Day for Knicks fans and Harvard folks, is as good an excuse as any to listen to good music. If you're celebrating Lin's rise to power, why not check out the Jeremy Lin song?
If you're celebrating love or whining over being single, there are probably some songs that express your feelings. Not sure these express mine, but they're great tunes, nonetheless. These might not all be "love songs" per se, more like variations on the theme.
Many things by Nat King Cole
But L-O-V-E and Unforgettable are pretty hard to beat. For Unforgettable I posted the version with just Nat, but you can find the one with Natalie as well.
I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues by Elton John
Sir Elton John, if you prefer.
Sister Golden Hair by America
Just one of many 70s songs I love.
Super Trouper by ABBA
ABBA is another great 70s band, but this song was actually released in November of 1980.
Only Time Will Tell by Etta James
This Grantland piece by Jay Caspian Kang informed me of this song. It's fantastic.
September by Earth, Wind & Fire
Try to sit still while listening to this. I dare you.
Cowboy Take Me Away by The Dixie Chicks
If you've got a little country in you.
Any Man of Mine by Shania Twain
If you've got a lot of country in you.
I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
The cutest song ever? It might be.
You Love The Thunder by Jackson Browne
Who doesn't love thunder?
That's What I Like About You by The Romantics
Keep on whispering in my ear, tell me all the things that I wanna hear.
Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N Roses
If you listen to the lyrics, it's totally about a relationship. But you might be too busy enjoying the guitar.
Let's Spend the Night Together by The Rolling Stones
enough said.

...okay maybe my taste in music isn't that romantic.

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